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Few companies have the experience Sigma Designs has in delivering the technologies that drive new markets. Sigma's heritage of innovation and success ranges from IPTV to Ultra HD, from superfast content streaming with and to Z-Wave, the leading wireless home control technology. This heritage has been at the heart of how Sigma has built great products and long-lasting customer relationships with companies such as AT&T, ADT, Honeywell, Vizio, and others around the world. Sigma is in the ideal position to capitalize on the critical trends that are driving new product adoption and sales in the digital home.

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Leading Technologies

Home Control

The Internet of Things is one of the largest movements to hit the electronics industry since the onset of cell phones, and is expected to drive shipments for many billions of devices over the next several years. It represents an expansion of the home automation concept and centers around everyday objects becoming connected in a way that will enable us to improve our quality of life and our business efficiency. Based on dynamics of this trend and the existing home control market, Sigma's Z-Wave product line is well-positioned to capitalize on its growth. Z-Wave has over 25 million products installed in the market, far exceeding any other home control technology. The Z-Wave ecosystem includes over 1,000 devices, across the broadest spectrum of functionality, and all are certified as interoperable by the 250 manufacturers supporting them. Z-Wave adoption includes deployments by market leaders AT&T, Verizon, Vivint, and ADT, as well as mass retailers such as Amazon, Lowe's and Staples. Service provider demand has taken off, with a total of 9 major service providers in the process of deployment and double that number engaged in evaluation and planning. Finally, the new Z-Wave 500 series provides a solid 5th generation platform with ultra-low power wireless chipsets, network management tools, and a full software suite that make adoption and use extremely simple.

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Home Control

IP-Based Set-Top Box

Cloud-based services have existed for many years. However, recent trends in the service sector show a rapid movement toward cloud computing to fully centralize the control of TV service features, user interface, and stored content while improving efficiency through the use of virtual servers. As more providers take advantage of this technology, this trend will have a dramatic effect on set-top boxes and their retail DMA cousins. Furthermore, this movement will propel nearly all providers to embrace IP streaming as the dominant delivery method, a technology that plays advantageously into Sigma's strengths. Sigma set-top box SoCs already have an industryleading position in IP streaming with over 40 million devices deployed in worldwide appli cations. Sigma is gaining renewed momentum with major new wins in the Mediaroom space in emerging market areas, including Latin America's transition to Digital TV and the expansion of Internet television use in Russia. Our set-top box solutions include one of the most advanced audio/video rendering systems with HEVC decoding, Ultra-HD resolution, and proven carrier-class reliability. Finally, Sigma's latest chips are targeted for the new cloud-driven strategies with a proven HTML-5 stack, high performance ARM processors, and 3D graphics engines all integrated into a strong value offering.

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IP Set-top Box

Digital TV

The industry movement to Ultra High Definition (UHD) is beginning to take hold and is propelling Sigma toward the next evolutionary step in television. This movement is intimately connected to the underlying HEVC decoder technology that is required to deliver the higher resolution, which also results in a more efficient use of home bandwidth. Each layer of the video ecosystem is being impacted by this trend starting with content providers, moving through to service providers and television makers, and right down to consumers. Having anticipated this trend, Sigma is already a leading technology supplier for the UHD TV solutions. Our new family of Ultra High Definition Smart TV chipsets is a powerful line of ARM-based SoCs that support the new HEVC standard, the 4K resolution output, and offer unique advantages in picture quality. Our products have long been recognized for superior picture quality based on proprietary algorithms and rigorous testing. Our DTV line of chips has millions of units installed through our design wins with toptier Smart TV companies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Further enhancing our thrust, we have a technology partnership with Roku, the leader in streaming entertainment devices for the TV. Sigma is to be the provider of the chip for the first Roku TV models—a new class of Smart TVs that feature the Roku OS and are fully Internet-streaming ready.

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Smart TV

Home Networking

The video home networking market is being driven by the need to bring video service to multiple set-top boxes or televisions in the home in a manner that lowers installation costs and increases bandwidth available. is one of the new standards that enables this through its all-wire connectivity and inherent ease of installation. It is also a superior technology for distribution of high definition media throughout the home, an important factor in the trend toward 4K content creation. Sigma has established HomePNA products and customers that continue to account for over 80% of our product line revenue. These revenues remain stable due to the long life cycles of deployed connectivity and its emerging use in markets such as Latin America. Concurrently, there is future growth potential in our products, which emphasize the use of powerline technology, in turn positioning Sigma's products to share widespread use in future video distribution along with WiFi. We remain heavily engaged with the market and our sales force continues its aggressive efforts to gain adoption of our solution with specific focus on service providers in North America and China.

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Sigma Designs, Inc. (NASDAQ:SIGM) is a world leader in connected media platforms. Headquartered in Milpitas, California, Sigma Designs is made up of over 600 employees in offices and development facilities worldwide. Sigma Designs is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and is the owner of many patented technologies. The company's focus is designing and building the essential semiconductor technologies that serve as the foundation for the world's leading IPTV set-top boxes, DTV, connected media players, residential gateways, home control systems, and more.

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